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North Country Kennel Club
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North Country Kennel Club

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If you are interested in becoming a new member of the North Country Kennel Club, please print off our membership application, fill it out and bring it to a meeting or mail it to our club address.  Please be sure to send the annual dues along with your membership form - $20 single membership; $30 household membership; free for active military members and their spouses.  Individual membership is for a person eighteen (18) years of age and older. Household membership is for two adults eighteen (18) years of age and older living in the same household.  Your membership form must be signed by two current club members in good standing, and all applicants must attend three club meetings before the membership application can be read and voted on.  If you have questions about the application or membership, please feel free to email us or call any of the officers.

2016 NCKC Officers and Board Members

Desiree Williams
President 315-695-6843
Liberty Poodles
Thackston, Scott
Vice President, Conformation Instructor
Cedar Ridge Siberians 
Siberian Husky
Lori Krebs Treasurer 315-387-5562
  Bernese Mountain
Melissa L. Ordway Secretary, Show Co-Chair, Web Designer, Historian & Membership Committee 315-532-1287 Doberman Pinscher
Robbin Heim
Board Member, Conformation Instructor, CGC tester
Cedar Ridge Siberians
Siberian Husky 
Doug Lehr AKC Delegate, Board Member, & Show Co-Chair 315-695-6843 Liberty Poodles Standard Poodle
Peggy Foresman
Board Member 315-686-4365
Best Kept Labs 
Labrador Retriever 

NCKC Members 

Bradley III, Thomas H.  Life Member                          Border Terrier
Brown, Mary Jane   Member 315-654-2172   Labrador Retriever
Brown, Seldon   Member 315-654-2172   Labrador Retriever 
Clute, David & Geri  Life Members 315-376-7038   Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua,
Cook, Hannah & Miller  Life Members 315-493-3807     Collie
Crankshaw, Sheryl  Member 315-778-4413   Terriers

Eckleman, Jane  Life Member 315-493-1886     Belgian Tervuren & Australian Cattle
Heim, Janet  Life Member 315-788-7832     Shiba Inu
Howe, Karen   Member 315-729-3779   German Shepherd 
Inzinna, Amanda  Member 315-777-6410 
Canami Shetland Sheepdogs Shetland Sheepdog & Australian Shepherd
Knuth, Colleen & Greg   Members  315-654-3746   Chesapeake Bay Retriever & Doberman Pinscher
Leonberger, Angelyn  Member 708-917-7135
Lewandowski, Cathy   Member 315-346-6608 SoftMaple Curlies  Curly Coated Retriever 
Lindsey, Terry   Member 315-380-5906   Boston Terrier & French Bulldog 
Lloyd, Shirley
 Life Member
  Saint Bernard
Middleton, Ginger  Life Member 315-629-4882 Heatherton Highland Kennels Scottish Terrier & Airedale
Monroe, Carolyn  Life Member 315-639-4244   Shetland Sheepdog
Morrison, Arielle   Member 315-222-4398   Belgian Tervuren
Morrison, Tina   Member  315-628-1204  Windspirit Poodles Poodle 
Nichols, Jackie  Life Member 315-649-4116   Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

Robenolt, Nancy   Member 315-775-6942   Labrador Retriever
Soule, Karen   Member 315-938-7367   Australian Shepherd
Sourwine, Regina  Member, CGC tester 315-482-5105 Wyndeway Shetland Sheepdogs  Shetland Sheepdog
Spaziani Jackson, Sharon   Member 315-788-6326 Best Friends Doggie Day Spa  Standard Poodle 
Spies, Mary   Member 315-482-2072   Barbet 
Tiffany, Mary
 Member 315-376-7892
  Standard Poodle 
Walsh, Therese  Member & Obedience Show Chair 315-387-3072 Shivery Creek Canine Australian Cattle
Dog & Border Collie

Club News

North Country Kennel Club, Inc. Donates $5,000.00 to Watertown PD

On Monday, December 7, 2015 the North Country Kennel Club donated $5,000.00 to the City of Watertown and the Watertown Police
Department to be used towards expenses related to the purchase of a new K9, K9 Ricky.  We wish Officer McConnell and K9

Ricky many years of service together!

"Driven Dog" becomes part of police's second K9 unit
Watertown Daily Times

North Country Kennel Club, Inc. Donates Pet Rescue Kits to local Fire Departments

On Wednesday, January 11, 2012 the North Country Kennel Club presented the Watertown Fire Department with three sets of Pet Resuscitation Kits to be used with their existing oxygen equipment.  Club President Jeannine McKnight and club members Jean Dean and Dr. Teresa Dewey were on hand with their dogs for the presentation.  We hope these kits will never be needed, but we are comforted by knowing they are available if a beloved family pet is ever in need of life-saving measures.  

Watertown Daily Times Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Often times pets are lost due to smoke inhalation in house fires, and families are devastated.  Now the North Country Kennel Club, Inc. is hoping to help make fatality rates of pets in house fires decline. 

In the spirit of Fire Prevention Month, Jeannine McKnight, president of the North Country Kennel Club, Inc., presented a pet rescue kit to the Clayton Fire Department on Saturday, October 6, 2012.  A week later Melissa L. Ordway and Lori Krebs, board members of the club, presented a kit to the Ringgold Fire Company in Pulaski, NY.  Since then we have made donations to the Sandy Creek Volunteer FD, Lacona FD, Ellisburg FD, Orwell FD, Pennellville FD, Brownville FD, Cape Vincent FD, and LaFargeville FD.   

The pet rescue kits each contain three pet recovery oxygen masks in various sizes.  There is one to fit cats and small dogs, one for medium-sized dogs, and one for large dogs.  The kits also contain tubing that connects to the fire departments existing oxygen equipment.  The masks can be used in the resuscitation of animals that have been rescued from a house fire and have experienced smoke inhalation or are in respiratory distress.

“It is our hope that these kits will never have to be put to use.  However, should the need arise, the fire departments that we have donated the pet rescue kits to now have the means to help out an animal and hopefully save the life of a beloved family pet,” said Melissa L. Ordway, secretary of the North Country Kennel Club, Inc.

The group has been donating pet rescue kits to various fire departments around Jefferson and Oswego Counties, and they hope to make similar donations in the future.  Any fire or rescue department in Jefferson or Oswego County that would like a pet rescue kit is encouraged to contact the club for more details.

North Country Kennel Club, Inc. donates pet rescue kits to local fire departments
Salmon River News
April 3, 2013


North Country Kennel Club, Inc. raises funds to purchase and donate K9 bullet and stab resistant vests for local working K9s 

The North Country Kennel Club, Inc. is very excited to report that we have been able to provide all of the working canines in the Watertown Police Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, and the Fulton Police Department with protective vests!  With help from Mr. Ben Wiese from Lewis Uniform Company in Syracuse, NY we are able to purchase these vests at a very generously discounted price.  We would like to thank everyone who donated to this cause.  You helped make our goal a reality for these working K9s, and they now have the protection they desperately needed.

By providing these dogs with the same bulletproof vests worn by our law enforcement officers, we can help protect them from harm.  Today’s working K9s in law enforcement are put in mortal danger when doing their jobs. Whether searching for criminals, explosives or drugs, these dogs work in hazardous situations, and are vulnerable to attack.  The K9 handlers invest an enormous amount of time, emotion, and their own money on training and caring for these working K9s; however, providing the protective gear they need is an economic challenge for their departments.  Most police departments and law enforcement  agencies do not budget for bulletproof vests for their K9s. We believe these four-legged partners deserve the same protection as each of their two-legged officers are given.  These brave, faithful dogs risk their lives to protect us, and we are happy to protect them.  

Kennel Looking For Donations For K-9 bulletproof Vests

On Monday, June 10, 2013 NCKC was contacted by Kylie Powell.  She and her daughther, Jenna, saw the above article in the Watertown Daily Times on Friday, June 7, 2013, and wanted to help.  Jenna had been planning a yard sale to raise money for a charity.  After reading the article Jenna decided she wanted to donate all the proceeds from her sale to the NCKC K9 bullet proof vest fundraiser.  The Powell family held an extremely successful sale on Saturday, June 22, and Jenna donated all $600 that she profited to our cause!  Officer Maney with the Watertown PD even stopped by with K9 Nico to say thanks!
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